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Philosophy & Mission Statement

Grass Roots Recreation Program
Philosophy & Mission Statement

The AZSC Grass Roots Recreation Program (GRP) curriculum follows AZSC philosophy based on the Developmental Model from US Soccer that emphasizes a developmental sequence of acquiring technical skills and tactical concepts according to each child’s level of ability, interest and maturity.

Our Grass Roots philosophy within AZSC is dedicated to empower our volunteer coaches with an array of information, instruction, concepts, theories and specific traits to help each player establish a foundation of fundamental skill on and off the field with the ultimate goal of strengthening the culture within AZSC and US soccer from the ground up.

AZSC’s Thunder professional approach, philosophy and structure will merge with the GRP volunteers. The GRP curriculum provides its volunteer coaching staff with a specific pathway for the duration of the 8-week program. The quality of this relationship directly affects the clubs overall success, strengthens the emotional intelligence of its members and fosters the sense of PRIDE, Passion, Respect, Integrity, Discipline and Excellence throughout the entire club.

Since 2003, AZSC has dedicated its efforts to the development of youth soccer players, while providing opportunities, which promote healthy living, good sportsmanship, and the establishment of leadership skills. AZSC encourages its players to use soccer a vehicle to pursue an education and create a foundation for their future on and off the fields.


Passion – Respect – Integrity – Discipline – Excellence


Coaches:   To Be a Coach of Inspirational Motivation

Belief - Be a coach with high players’ expectations.  Reinforce your expectations with showing your players that you believe in them.  “You had a bad game, move on, but I still believe in you & your abilities.”

Trust – Use the field to teach life lessons.  Trust is a two way relationship and involves everyone. 

Encourage Creativity on the field.  Challenge players to “think” about the solution and allow them to “try” and learn from their successes and failures.  Be enthusiastic with your players & about their work.

Leadership & Admiration – A leader is seen as a role model who has high moral & ethical standards.  Teaching life lessons to your players by providing meaning and challenges to your players through sports in life.  Inspire teamwork and vision within your team.

Respect – Give personal attention to the needs of the players for personal growth.  Stimulate self-confidence, security & caring amongst the team as well as the individual player.

Players:  To train and teach, not only a players physical skills and abilities, but to challenge them to grow within themselves.  Asking them to learn & develop in the physical aspect of the game and to also challenge their mental perspective of the game through being a part of a team of players that are learning to modeling good sportsmanship to everyone. 

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