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Curriculum Overview

Arizona Soccer Club

Grassroots Recreation Program
Curriculum Overview

The AZSC curriculum is based on the Developmental Model from US Soccer that emphasizes a developmental sequence of acquiring technical skills and tactical concepts according to each child’s level of ability, interest and maturity. Our Grassroots philosophy within AZSC is dedicated to empower our volunteer coaches with an array of information, instruction, concepts, theories and specific traits to help each player establish a foundation of fundamental skill on and off the field with the ultimate goal of strengthening the culture within AZSC and in US soccer from the ground up.All players will march through a specific eight week training program designed by AZSC’s professional staff and run by GRP trained volunteer coaches. As a prerequisite, all volunteers must complete an AZSC coaching course and follow the GRP curriculum throughout the eight week program. The program is designed to provide a solid foundation of fundamental soccer rules, values, concepts, training habits, terminology, and skills. The end goal is to establish the groundwork for all players to grow with the game of soccer and gain the necessary attributes to play soccer at the level which they desire in the future. The success of the GRP program is a vital part in the growth of AZSC as a club . AZSC is passionate about graduating its GRP players into the AZSC competitive Thunder program. The club’s Grassroot investment benefits all membership and helps strengthen all member’s belief in the club’s philosophy in P.R.I.D.E. Passion, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence.

Eight Week Curriculum Overview

Week 1 & 2
Psycho Motor Skills- development of combining and coupling movements. The strengthening of players ability to connect basic mobility with complex actions and movements that are repeated through the duration of a soccer match.

Week 3 & 4
Adaptation & Transforming- development of one’s ability to begin a movement and replace it with a more effective decision. The strengthening of a players ability to adapt and transform can be seen when a player dribbles and changes pace to occupy identified open space or the ability to find the back of the net after establishing the position of the goalkeeper.

Week 5 & 6
Anticipation- development of the process that , based on past activities and or experiences, allows players to predict the development of action while possessing the ability to formulate subsequent responses to such actions and respond with the most effective tools that have been programmed during training.

Week 7 & 8 
Reaction- development of one’s responds to stimuli. A player can begin an action and or change that actions rapidly to enhance their desired outcome. An example is a defender's ability to react to all unforeseen movement or fake from an attacking players or the response to the change in travel path of a ball that is deflected during play.
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