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Age Brackets 2022/2023

Birth YearAge BracketAgeSmall Sided GamesGoal KeeperPlaying MinutesBreak MinutesBall SizeGoal SizeOffsides RuleHeaders
2019U43 yrs4v4No4 x 8534 x 6NoNo
2018U54 yrs4v4No4 x 8534 x 6NoNo
2017U65 yrs4v4No4 x 8534 x 6NoNo
2016U76 yrs4v4No4 x 8534 x 6NoNo
2015U87 yrs4v4No4 x 11534 x 6NoNo
2014 U9 ***8 yrs7v7Yes2 x 25546.5 x 18.5YesNo
2013 U10 ***9 yrs7v7Yes2 x 25546.5 x 18.5YesNo
2012 U11 ***10 yrs9v9Yes2 x 30546.5 x 18.5YesNo
2011 U12 ***11 yrs9v9Yes2 x 30546.5 x 18.5YesNo
2010 U13 ***12 yrs11v11Yes2 x 35558 x 24YesYes
2009 U14 ***13 yrs11v11Yes2 x 35558 x 24YesYes
U= Under: U4 = Under 4 years of age
*** Teams are formed as all boy or all girl teams
Age Brackets or sites may be combined so that AZSC can provide the best playing experience for our players
Teams may have 1-2 games scheduled at a different site,i.e.: Gilbert team may travel to Chandler for a match
Goal &/or field size may vary depending on field size a different parks

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

What do the registration cost include?
  • Full Uniform (Jersey/shorts/socks)
  • Team photo/Individual photo (A $12 Value! Another AZSC Difference!)
  •  Medal
  • FREE player & coach clinics
  • Player supplemental Insurance
  • Registration costs (labor and supplies)
  • AZSC Equipment (field goals, paint, corner flags & field costs)

What equipment do players need? Players must wear shin guards and bring water bottles to all practices and games. Every player is encouraged to have a soccer ball. Soccer cleats are not mandatory for players under 10, but are strongly encouraged. No jewelry is allowed. AZSC does not allows players names not be placed on the backs of shirts.  Click here for ball size - GRP Rules & Specs.

I register my child to play with AZSC? During open registration periods, you may register on the internet through the AZSC website by entering and selecting the Register/ Manage Acct link. This will bring up the registration form to be completed online. AZSC is striving for maximum on-line registration. However, if you do not have access to a computer you may register by filling out a paper registration form and dropping it off at the Club office or mailing it with a check or money order, to the office. Payment must be made at the time of registration in order for the registration to be processed.

How do I do payments online? Online Registration is available to everyone who desires to pay by credit card. Step by step directions are given on the form for completing the payment. The payment is made through a secure line to a card service, which clears your check or credit card for payment. If problems are encountered when paying online, please contact the club office for assistance by email at [email protected] or by calling 480-332-4716.

At what age a child can play with AZSC?
AZSC has leagues ranging from U-4 (under 4, 3 years old) through U-14 (under 14, 13 years old). A child must be at least 3 years old to play in the AZSC "Grassroots Recreational League" which hosts players from age 3 - 13 years. In addition, AZSC hosts the "AZSC BOLT Program", the "AZSC Academy Program" for ages 5 (U6) - 7 (U8) years, and the "AZSC Thunder Competitive Program" for ages 8 years (U8) through 17 years of age (U17).

How are teams formed? Teams are formed based on 5 criteria:
  • Age Brackets
  • Gender (Ages Brackets U9 and above only)
  • Major Cross Streets
  • Friend Requests
  • Coach Requests

Can I request a particular coach or friend?  Yes. Indicate your request in the special requests section of the registration form. AZSC gives consideration to all requests, but requests are not guaranteed. Refunds are not issued for the Club’s inability to grant a special request.  AZSC requires that these two things happen to assist with the possible placement with the coach and friend that your child desires, team space permitting:

  • You must register between the start of the registration period and the last day of regular registration.  See Detailed Season Info for dates
  • When registering you must name the Coach and/or Friend in the Special Request section. If you do not do this, the request cannot be met.

Can my child "Play Up" into a higher age bracket?
 Yes, however a player is only allowed to play up one (1) age bracket.  Please select the "Play Up - Yes" option during registration.  The age bracket will NOT change to the higher age bracket, as this is a manual system adjustment that is done after regular registration is closed.

Can my Child "Play Down" into a Lower Age Bracket?  AZSC does not allow players to play down into a lower age bracket. 

What is a team's practice schedule like?  Team practices, day, time and location, are determined by the AZSC GRP Parent Volunteer Coach.  Practices are usually hosted: Weekly, Monday - Friday, once or twice and week after 5:00 pm.

When are the practices? Coaches for each recreational team set the practice schedule, which is generally one or two practices per week depending on the age group, with older players most likely practicing more than the younger players. Team practices are generally during the week in the evening at local HOA's, parks or schools.

What are the game times?  Games are played on Saturdays, starting at 8:00am. The full 8 game schedule will be emailed and posted on the AZSC website approximately 5 days prior to the start of a season.  Schedules are the last pre-season item to be finished as they are contingent upon the completing of teams per age bracket, fields and a few other factors.

Can I move from a different team for carpooling, to play in a friend’s team or to get a different practices times?

Changes are not encouraged after rosters are finalized, but may be approved in limited justifiable situations. If you have a compelling reason for a change, contact your League Director.  No requests are guaranteed.  If a team change is approved, chances are you will have to travel farther to the new team, as placement is based on closest team.  If an administrative error has been made, AZSC will try to make the correction. 

Do players move to a new team each season? Teams are formed every season and the rosters and coaches may change. Many people move in and out of our area so we have new coaches and players every season. If you want to return to the same team, you can make that request on your registration.

What type of instructions is given to the players? Practice activities are age-appropriate. Players are taught soccer skills and tactics appropriate for their age/skill level, according to the AZSC Coaching Curriculum and Certification. Emphasis is placed on players enjoying a fun experience and development.

What form of training to parent coaches receive?  All AZSC GRP coaches must attend our pre-season coaches training clinic.  This clinic is taught by the AZSC Academy & Thunder pro-coaching staff. All AZSC pro-coaches are licensed coaches.  Two additional season training opportunities are also offered to GRP coaches for continuous coach training.  Weekly training curriculum and a coaches library are also available for continual soccer education for all GRP coaches.

What if is rains on games days or practices days? The park authority determines field conditions and leaves a hotline recording at 7 am and again at 3 p.m. For game days, the league directors inform coaches of any field closures and game cancellations. Coaches inform parents of rainout. Check the home page for field status. A green light means fields are open, yellow light means that some fields have been closed but others remain open for the area. We will identify the fields closed. A red light signals that all fields are closed for the day.

Once a field is closed for games, it is closed for the day. Games maybe rescheduled. For practices, the coach will call the hotline and will inform the team if practice will be held or rescheduled. If the park authority or AZSC officials close the fields, no one may play soccer on them.

Who will coach my child? All of the coaches in AZSC are volunteers. Almost all of them are parents of a player who is on the team they’re coaching. Coaches usually, but not always, return to coach for several years. We are always in need of new coaches every season as players graduate from the program and/or coaches move from the area or are unable to return for various reasons. New coaches are almost always recruited from the team your child is on so do not be surprised if you receive a request to volunteer. It will be very rewarding and your child will love you for it. For more information on coaching your child’s team click on our Coaching Resources link.

How can I find out when registrations are being take for the particular season? The dates will be posted on the AZSC Website, in the local newspapers and will be sent via broadcast email to our previously registered players. In addition, volunteers normally distribute flyers through the schools and at various sites throughout the communities. The dates for registration are very important. If an individual is registered late, a late fee will be charged and there is less likelihood of special requests being honored. There is no guarantee of placement on a team.

What is the refund policy?  AZSC has a "No Refund Policy".  Refunds or Credits may be granted for the following reasons ONLY: medical emergency (Written doctor/medical explanation/authorization required), relocation from the area, transfer to a Thunder Academy team, or the Club’s inability to place a player on a team. Refunds will NOT be made for: the Club’s inability to satisfy a player’s special team request, deciding not to play; or, cancellation of games due to inclement weather. Late fees will not be refunded and, in all cases, an administrative fee of $25.00 will be deducted from the refund/credit.  All requests for refunds or credits, are to be submitted to AZSC prior to the second weekend of games for the season that your participant is currently enrolled into. Requests received after the second weekend of games will not be honored.  The Request for Credit form must be returned to AZSC within 2 weeks of the date of issue for a refund or credit to be considered.  If the form is not received by AZSC within the 2 weeks, no credit or refund will be issued.  Exceptions will only be considered for medical reasons, with a doctor's written explanation/authorization.
Where is the Club Office? 2305 E Knox Road Suite 101, Gilbert, AZ 85296

What Time is the club office hours of operations?
  • Monday - Thursday - 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
  • Fri/Sat/Sun: Closed

 Who can I contact with questions not in the league?  Send e-mail to [email protected]

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